《服务》Part 2

《服务》Part 2

 八字命理/ Bazi Destiny
The eight-character numerology is a theory based on the dry history, the yin and yang, the five elements, the gods and other theories to speculate on the cause, marriage, wealth, education, health and other knowledge. When you understand your own eight-character numerology and know what you are lacking, you can make up for the inadequacy of the inadequacy to achieve better assistance.

 取名改名/Naming
The ancients “give a child a thousand gold, not as good as a teacher; a teacher is a good art, it is better to give a good name.” The name is the comprehensive result of the heart, sociology, philosophy, history, folklore, but also a person’s image, quality, taste The sign. A good nickname can give hints and guidance, psychological role, and give confidence until success. A good name is an inexhaustible intangible wealth. Create a unique symbol and identity.

 婚嫁择日/ Wedding Date Picking
The choice of the day is to choose the Kyrgyzstan. In general, the purpose of
choosing the day is to avoid the murder. Now everyone says that it is very important for a woman to marry as a second time. It is very important to marry well or not. Whether it is rich or not, the most important thing is It is still about the marriage life after marriage. The choice of the day plays a decisive role in it. The choice of the day is related to the happiness, happiness and harmony of a lifetime. It is said that the 100-year-old ship has been repaired by the same boat. According to the generation of a pair of new characters, a pair of Huang Daoji Day, which is neither rushing nor good fortune, is paired up.

择日剖腹/ Child Birth Date Selection
People who pay great attention to traditional concepts will want to have a child in a caesarean section. I hope that the child will be able to keep the wind and the water safe and rich. The character of a person has the date of the birthday. We look at the fate of a person mainly depends on the relationship between the eight words of “Dinghai Years, Jiazi, Xinhai, Wuxu”, and the relationship is divided into punishments and so on. Each relationship shows some kind of good and bad information. So if you can change the four words of “daytime” or the two words on “time”, you can completely change the five-line relationship in the whole world. In the case of not affecting the health of the mother and child, choose a good “day time” to give the child a good “life”. A good “life” can improve a child’s marriage, wealth, government, study and even family.

《服务》Part 2

《服务》Part 1

 提升个人运势/ Improve personal fortune
 延益寿:可延年益寿,让身体更健康,心境更豁达
 强精魄:强化体魄精神,提升正面能量
 改天命:扶住先天八字不足,改善后天天运不顺
 催官贵:提升官运与贵人缘
 添丁财:提升子息运及事业财运
 增善缘:改善人缘及婚姻

 培阴骘:多行善积德可培增福气
Everyone’s eight characters always have congenital inadequacies. Such an
innate foundation is not stable, not “destined” or “destiny”. In fact, it can be
strengthened through the day after tomorrow. Some people have a good gas
field but they don’t always come, and some people are very good, but they
often don’t meet the “extraordinary”. At this time, the master will use the
magnetic force of nature to apply the aura of heaven and earth, and put
individual hair, nails, clothing, etc., together with the characters of the birth
into individual Buddha statues, to chanting and so on, to adjust personal
The seven benefits are as follows:
• Yan Yishou: It can prolong life and make the body healthier and more open-
• Strong and refined: strengthen the spirit of the body and enhance positive
• Change the destiny: support the insufficiency of the innate character,
improve the day after tomorrow
• Urgent officials: to enhance the official and noble relationship
• Adding Ding Cai: Enhancing the interest rate and career wealth
• Increased goodness: improving karma and marriage
• Pei Yin Zhi: Multi-line good luck can increase the blessing

 居家风水/ Residential Feng shui
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the layout of home Feng Shui. It
is also common to use the Feng Shui array to change the magnetic field of furniture.
It is also said that the house is full of people, and the house is defeated. After all, at
least one-third of the time will be spent at home, which shows how important the
Feng Shui at home is. The luck of the home is good, and people will get better. On
the contrary, when the magnetic field of the home is not good, the owner or the family
will attract or bring unnecessary trouble.
A good home Feng shui layout can not only bring good luck and magnetic field to the
family or itself, but also enhance the trend of Yuncheng in all aspects. Every time, the
family is strong and the wealth is prosperous. Let the family do things with less effort
and do both.

 企业风水/ Corporate Feng shui
Sentences love money and have a good way to do business, want to have a good
business model and a strong team, so that business is always unbeaten. The Feng
shui of offices, storefronts, factories and buildings is one of the unsuccessful points.
All aspects of coordination and pendulum are a matter of learning. When everything
is in place, the operators can also attack and defend freely and smoothly.
 阴宅风水/Tomb Feng shui
I believe that many people have heard of the Yinzhai Yangzhai, but many people do
not understand the Yin House, or do not know what it refers to, in fact, the so-called
Yin House is the place to bury the ancestors. A good yin house helps the
development and future of the children and grandchildren, so that the whole family
can be safe and healthy.

《服务》Part 2



The traditional knowledge, specialization and modernization of the transfer of Feng Shui to
provide better, more professional and perfect numerology services.

《服务》Part 2

《关于Master Lim》

Master Lim林师傅是马来西亚一位有名而低调的风水师,他拥有超过40年的风水命理经验,


Master Lim接受过国内外媒体和报章专栏的采访。他积极的推广风水的真正理念,以及信念。

Master Lim is a well-known and low-key Feng shui master in Malaysia. He has over 40 years
of experience in Feng Shui, and he has a reputation as a master of Feng Shui in both politics
and business.

He is good at Feng shui of business and home, Feng shui of ancestral graves, exorcism,
naming of babies, acquaintances, marital marriage, production or occupation, and other
Feng shui services. More importantly, he can help people improve their personal fortune.

Master Lim has been interviewed by domestic and foreign media and newspaper columns.
He actively promotes the true concept of Feng Shui, as well as his beliefs. Let more people
benefit from Feng shui transhipment.



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